Calls for revolution at Lebanon protests

Thousands of people have taken to the streets for a third day of nationwide protests.

A Defense of Elizabeth Holmes

She is perhaps the most vilified CEO—now former CEO—in the country. But in a lengthy analysis at RealClearMarkets , the site's editor stakes out a strong defense of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes . "My take is that with time Holmes will be vindicated as a visionary whose main 'offense' was...

Croatia protesters demand ‘justice for girls’

The protests, held in cities across Croatia, were against the release of five men accused of rape.

He Lost His Wallet. Then He Noticed His Bank Account

When Tim Cameron lost his wallet on the way home from work on Monday, the London resident assumed it was gone for good, particularly as it contained little identifying information. Then he looked at his bank account. Enter an ingenious Good Samaritan by the name of Simon. As Mashable reports,...

Brexit: What actually happened on Saturday?

The BBC's Jonathan Blake explains what the Letwin amendment is, and what it means for Brexit.

California regulator slams PG&E over electricity…

California's top regulator excoriated top executives of the state's largest utility even as Pacific Gas & Electric officials said they know they failed to meet public expectations when the company cut the power to more than 2 million people last week

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Brexit: MPs heckled after vote

Members of the public confronted ministers near Parliament buildings.

‘I see women being on Mars just as much as men’

At 16, MiMi Aung travelled alone to the US for an education. Now she's a project lead on Nasa's Mars Mission.

Deep-sea explorers find Japanese ship that sank…

A crew of researchers scanning the seafloor of the Pacific has found the final resting place of a warship lost during the historic World War II Battle of Midway

How important is bilingualism on the campaign…

How does speaking French or Spanish affect a candidate's chances in North American politics?

Messages from former Boeing test pilot reveal Max…

FAA raps Boeing for delay in disclosing employees' instant messages about the now-grounded Max jet

Protester dressed as Boris Johnson scales Big Ben

An Extinction Rebellion protester climbed up the scaffolding that surrounds the tower.

Google affiliate begins drone deliveries in…

A Google affiliate has started delivering packages with drones in a test being run in a Virginia town

Who are the DUP?

The BBC's Jayne McCormack explains why the Democratic Unionist Party has so much power.

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Huawei exec: Chinese tech giant wants to be…

A top executive of Chinese tech giant Huawei says the company wants to be open and transparent

The mysterious brainless 'blob' that can learn…

A yellow organism, which looks like fungus but acts like an animal, has gone on display at a Paris zoo.

New Facebook oversight board results to be public…

A Facebook executive says a new quasi-independent oversight board will soon be weighing decisions on some of the platform's most difficult content questions in a "very public way."

‘Turkey is not afraid of US sanctions threat’

Security is a greater priority than the threat of US sanctions, says Turkey's foreign minister.

Trump taps Perry deputy to replace him at Energy…

President Donald Trump says he is nominating Deputy Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette to replace Rick Perry in the top job at the Energy Department.

‘I wanted to put the Iraq war on trial’

Katharine Gun, who leaked a secret UK government email to a newspaper, explains why she did it.

On point: 'I know how powerful representation is'

Rising star of English ballet Precious Adams on unwittingly opening up a debate around colourism.

Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd is dead at 62

Oracle CEO Mark Hurd dies at 62

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How plastic bags were supposed to help the planet

Family of inventor says they were designed to be reused to stop trees from being destroyed.

First all-female spacewalking team makes history

The world's first female spacewalking team has made history high above Earth

'Special relationship' won't guarantee UK-US trade

A former US trade chief warns the UK should not to expect special treatment when it comes to trade.